Night & Day/Sun & Moon

Eva Cassidy mural: bright yellow sun with a face in the bottom half of the frame. A sleeping crescent moon face appears above the sun in the top half of the frame.

When Eva was a teenager, she volunteered to paint the hallway of her family's home. But she also wanted to paint a mural in the hall. This is the mural Eva created, the actual size being about 3 feet by 5 feet. After Eva's parents had moved, the new owners of the house were kind enough to allow the mural to be cut out.  It was then stabilized and placed into a sturdy frame. This mural is now hanging in Eva's father's music studio.

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Available for SALE:

LIMITED EDITION Print (1000 total prints):

11" x 16" (including a one-inch border on all sides); a fine art giclee print, reproduced on German etching paper; numbered and signed by an immediate Cassidy family member; "Certificate of Authenticity" with each print. (sample of certificate)

$75, plus shipping and handling