Moonlit Pansies

Moonlit Pansies by Eva Cassidy: acryllic painting of two pansies or 
Johnny Jump Ups nestled in the grass with birch trees on a distant hill in 
the background. It is nighttime but the sky is slightly blue with a crescent 
moon and stars in the sky. The pansies are dark purple, but one of the 
five pedals is bright yellow like the sun and perhaps provides enough light 
so we can see the flowers, even at night

This beautiful painting was created by Eva in 1995. It was a Christmas present to a co-worker and friend at a local nursery. Eva painted the image on wood and made a gold frame for the finished artwork.

Moonlit pansies with the gold wooden frame Eva made. The painting is very small, about 
10 inches by 10 inches square and the gold frame is about five inches wide on all sides, 
almost dwarfing the painting, but adding a special elegance to the dainty pansies.

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Available for SALE:

LIMITED EDITION Print (1000 total prints):

10" x 10" (including a one-inch border on all sides); a fine art giclee print, reproduced on German etching paper; numbered and signed by an immediate Cassidy family member; "Certificate of Authenticity" with each print. (sample of certificate)  Note: the print does not show the gold frame.

$50, plus shipping and handling