"Essence of Eva"

Essence of Eva

The first time Eva's mother saw this painting, she thought, "this is the essence of Eva!" and that's been the title ever since. The painting was done in the early 80's when Eva was in her early twenties. The figure in the painting is surrounded by things Eva loved -- water, clouds, and the old cedars (her favorite trees).

As with the mysterious bubbles that appear in this, and other paintings of Eva's, Eva never disclosed the meaning of the transparent figure.

(close-up detail of image)

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LIMITED EDITION Print (2000 total prints):

24" x 29" (including a one-inch border on all sides); printed on textured, archival art paper; numbered and signed by an immediate Cassidy family member; "Certificate of Authenticity" with each print.
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$100, plus shipping and handling


This image plus four others are included in a box of 10 notecards (4.5" x 6.25") & envelopes.

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