"Boy in the Nest" [1981]

Boy in the Nest

This whimsical drawing entitled "Boy in the Nest" was created by Eva Cassidy in 1981 for a High School art project. Notice the elfin ears. The original pencil & ink sketch hangs in the home of her parents, Hugh and Barbara Cassidy.

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Available for purchase:

18" x 24" LIMITED EDITION of 1,000, signed by Eva's mother, Barbara Cassidy. A "Certificate of Authenticity" will be provided for each print.

$50 - plus shipping and handling

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Each print will be numbered and signed by Eva's mother, Barbara Cassidy. (see image below for detail of the "foot" that is missing in the image above !!)

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NOTE: if you did not receive a "Certificate of Authenticity" with a previous purchase, please send us a message on the Contact page.

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