Looking for Baby Sarah

Looking for Baby Sarah is an acryllic painting on wood with real
dried flowers and grasses attached to the art. The scene is outdoors in 
a grassy meadow with a clear blue sky. On the left, partially hidden in the grass
is little baby Sarah with out stretched arms. On the right, four little
girls are walking towards Sarah, each carrying a pressed flower or grass.
The flowers are very tall, as if Sarah and the girls are little people

This art was created as a Mother's Day card for Eva's mother, two weeks after the birth of Eva's niece Sarah. It was painted on wood with pressed flowers and grasses added.

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Available for SALE:

LIMITED EDITION Print (1000 total prints):

13" x 16" (including a one-inch border on all sides); a fine art giclee print, reproduced on German etching paper; numbered and signed by an immediate Cassidy family member; "Certificate of Authenticity" with each print. (sample of certificate)

$75, plus shipping and handling

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