Thank you note from Eva: picture of a heart with a smiling face. Hand written ext says: 
Thank you for thinking of me, and helping to lift my spirits. I love you. 
And God bless you a million times over.

This heart-felt card was created by Eva in early September 1996.  As Eva was battling her illness -- family,  friends, and fans expressed an outpouring of love and support for her, with cards, flowers, money, and visits.

Eva was so grateful to all these special people and wanted a way to show them her appreciation.  She designed this card, and her dear friend, Maggie Haven, arranged to have them printed.  Eva then sent these cards out to everyone who had shown her so much love and compassion.

Sadly, Eva lost her battle with cancer on November 2, 1996.

Eva - we love you and miss you so much !!!

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